Sunday, December 8, 2019

Approach to Application Modernization

Application Modernization


Application Modernization is an activity which will keep major Enterprises and Software Solutions Company busy for next few years. It is still evolving as solution providers are trying to find better solution to the problems they have addressed earlier. Let us explore the path for transforming Monolith Applications into Microservices.

This blog is for Software Professionals & Enterprise IT Managers who are aware of Application Modernization concepts.

Major Activities for Application Modernization

Lets us go through important phases of Application Modernization:
  1. Application Assessment
  2. Vertical Slicing
  3. Microservice Architectures
  4. Transform Monolith to Microservices
  5. Containerization
  6. On Cloud Orchestration

Application Assessment

Application Assessment is an collaboration activity where you try to identify functions of a Monolith Application. 
  • Identify Interdependent & Independent Functions. 
  • Group Small & Self-Containing Functions.
Groups will help you to decide which functions collectively can represent a Microservice.

Vertical Slicing

In this phase, you start breaking your Monolith Application into Microservices. You focus on below major activities.
  • Group Self-Containing Functions into Services.
  • Create Components with Full Functional Services. 
Services are independent an self-contained functions which can operate without directly depending on other Services.

Microservice Architectures

In this phase, you explore various  Architectures which correctly addresses your problem definition. Please note that not every good Architecture is the best solution for your problem. You require professionals to take this major technical decision.
  • Experts Identify Problem Specific Architectures.
  • Experienced Architects define the End State.
This is very crucial phase where your team will undergo several Trial & Error iterations and reach to a definition for the End State of your Architecture.

Transform Monolith to Microservices

In this phase, your team makes their hands dirty with various technologies like Java, .Net, Node.js etc.  This phase is very crucial where developers and architects tend to try and evaluate various options and come up with the solution. Miracle Software Solution has Enterprise product "Transform" which performs these tasks quickly for you. While this phase can go for weeks to months, "Transform" can start delivering in first 5 hours and you make big savings on Time, Cost & Efforts.
  • Transform helps in generating Microservices.
  • Transform Publishes Microservices.
Towards the end of this phase you get your  Microservices developed and running over  platform. You thus achieve your Monolith functions as Microservices.


In this phase, you deal with strategies to bundle and share  the Microservice code for your Devops and address your build and release process.
  • Microservices are bundled as Docker Images.
  • It includes everything required to run Microservice.
You thus have self executing version of your Microservices.

On Cloud Orchestration

In this phase your focus on your strategy on executing your containers. You address concerns like Scalability, Redundancy, Fault-Tolerance, Monitoring etc.

  • Orchestrate Containers on Platform
  • We prefer Kubernetes & Openshift platform
You finally have your containers ready for your business  users.
While this are just high level activities, things can go very dizzy as you move ahead. "Transform" tool from Miracle Software Solution can help you in automating many of these activities and get a Microservice Hybrid Application instantly, in less than 5 Hours. You can also evaluate it within free workshop. You can request the same on their website's Contact Us section.